Wednesday, 7 August 2013

no reason for Love

The Nature methodize'd everything 
your existence enrich mine
all day and after

 was it always like this?
who knows...
but it is.

Love should not mean
but BE

Saturday, 3 August 2013

The door to the present moment

The door to the present moment
The target without the aim
Arguments perish
Don't believe in me...
Cherish me...

Sunday, 28 July 2013

"sin a free will are contradictions"

“sin and free will are contradictions”

It is always good to use  logic
however a woman is often seen
as an illogical creature

It is always good to choose logic
first before taking any steps
steps on the road
or in thought

God gave us a free will
Eva picked an apple
from the tree of “unknown”
and was banished for
her free will

Where is the logic in that story?
He gave yet free will and
He found her action,
her act of free will to be  a sin!

All major religions could  survive
only through fanaticism -
free thinkers will not accept
illogical statements
even from Gods!”

"I don't know..."

I don’t know how it is
to be without You
because I know nothing
about these days together

I don’t know how it is
to miss you
because you’ve never
kissed my skin

Should she worry
about his return?
I’m not sure
they've never met

One and one isn't two!
One and one that’s eleven.

Two is extraordinary,
TWO means ONE
one body
one mind
one soul

"Please forgive me"

Please forgive me my freely imagination
please forgive me the way how I am me

please forgive me my small talks about socks,
a small house on huge rock, French sunglasses

please forget about me, the small me
unavailable ....impossible unavailable

please forget, it is no way, no way to
avoid corruption when imagination is set free

but if you could jump above clouds above midstream
media, prejudice, religion, expectation and judgment

you will find me there, above the sky, always available
smiling woman in long red dress, before

and the woman with long silver hair a day after

"don't keep my words"

“Don’t keep my words”

I’ve canceled my work for today
I’m unwell, I will not forced myself
to give smile when I feel I wish to cry

“Always keep your word it doesn't matter
how it will cost you, keeping promises
shows your character” my father’s words

And I said:”I will be with you until death”
and I’ve broken my words, I am guilty
I’m weak, I deserve for punishment

I can not promise You anything
You or anybody else, don’t keep my words
they are useful, I’m weak, I’m like everyone

Do I have rights to tell You
about my weakness, gray moods
moments when I wish to scream or cry?

I feel I must tell You ergo I am honest.
You could experience with me orgasmic ecstasy
in the moment of laughing, dancing, playing, eating

and You could experience with me
thunderstorms, broken vases on the wall
a closed door, a deaf phone, an empty room

ecstasy longs for a moment and
lightning blinks  for a moment.. well,  how long is
  a moment then? from a second to infinity...

"hidden truth become a poison"

“hidden truth become a poison”

Your last words were very confusing to me
I wasn’t sure to whom you spoke
I wasn’t sure what I did wrong

Even if it wasn’t your wish
you put me into the middle of a storm
my own tornado supported by your words

SHE is very fragile, open, pure
SHE loves without condition
and SHE has her own preferences

open spaces, fresh air, simple clarity
music, art, poetry, SHE enjoys the company
of warm rain, hailstorms are not for her

what kind of friend would I be
If I would have neglected to tell You
who I am not only who I intend to be

"a tango not guaranteed"

“a tango not guaranteed”

It is not my wish to provoke wars
It is not my desires to become a savior

I’m not going to save the world
I am going to spread words, words of love

I use to travel light without excess baggage
I’m opening a door after a previous door was closed

In my travel back I haven’t an insurance
“if I won’t  succeed I would come back to my old backyard”

A moment of tango is very relaxing
A journey takes longer

"my dark site"

“my dark site”

I do not have any secrets
neither black nor white stories

There is nothing to reveal
the same face to everyone

as an island has the treasure
there is plenty to discover

I’m not insoluble riddle
I’m open book for reading

as a mirror shows reflection
I could show your perfection

Your moods and your t-shirts
so be careful of your dress

"for daughter"

“for daughter”

I love my child,
I love my daughter
She owns me nothing
She came on this world
through me, it was her choice

I don’t expect either
love nor respect in revenge
I chose to be mother
I own her nothing
through her, it was my choice

Motherhood is like
childhood has beginning
and the end
what stays after?
moments of joy
and moments of pain

We are now blessed
by freedom of choice
we are true friends
love dancing in our hearts
with understanding

I give her a free hand
to discover the world
make her own mistakes
followed her dreams
choosing friends

She gives me freedom
to be myself do what I wish
without a shame
of lost paradise
not pick upping phones

I’m gifted by her
she is gifted by me
honest words
honest love

daughter become a mother
one day.... perhaps
mother will stay always
with her child
even after

"a martial art"

“a martial art”

How many vases did Hamada destroyed
before one could say: thank you master
for my pleasure to enjoying one masterpiece

How many diamonds were broken before
one brilliant ring assured a woman in love
that She is the one, right and now, chosen

to give is to receive in the same moment
I give and I get empty space and happiness
only if the gift is welcome, need it, wanted

How one would know what I need
and what I welcome? I must speak about
my wishes, preference, present conditions

How I to discover what I could give
to people around me, to friends, to strangers
to beloved, how to figure out what they long for

Listen and provoke them invite to unknown field
with patience love and understanding, encourage
them, wait without anxiety for opening of the door

I am grateful for each strong word
from a stranger, a friend, a lover, they always
helped me to grow, to know what I need, long for

I won a few battles, and from that time
I know that the darkest part of the night is always
before the dawn, “give out but don’t give up ” as You said