Monday, 3 June 2013

“My merriment”

I’m happy when I do work from my heart
with all my best forces and wishes

I’m happy when I can speak all my words,
words of love and words of hope
even if that is hard to hear for someone

I’m happy when people have the courage
to change their path, that makes me happy
even if we all have to pay for that

I’m happy when you’re kissing my neck
when you smile at my naivete
tasting a breakfast, fresh, already made

I’m happy when the sun rises up
when I drink the vibration of morning light

I’m happy when the sun sets
when I could take warm love from your arms

Mostly I’m happy like mostly I’m in love
always if I could jump above the cloudy sky
into the arms of love,
Your arms, perhaps
Your arms as a reflection
of divine love
beautiful bones, beautiful mind


and that event could make me even happier
than my usual level of merriment

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