Monday, 3 June 2013

“a daughter”

It wasn’t a son
who was sent on the Earth

It was a daughter
with father’s name

SHE who knows
how to be open

HE who knows
how to take


Where is the bridge
between the thought and the matter

the thought is female
the matter is male

is the Answer

“a door to the garden”

I need a home
To be myself
my own self

I need a room
and the door
to the garden

I need food
fresh and raw
for all of us

I need You
be yourself
and enjoy

be myself in 100%
it could be my Gift

Let it be that new
for the first time
new “I” and new “You”
Let’s them be She & He

Be myself as much as possible
it is the best Gift for humanity

Something what we all could give

Be myself means to trust in my own self
look at the stars, walk without shoes

Something what we all could do

Music which not afraid from Emptiness
and Emptiness which not afraid from disappearance

I walk slowly through the world
I marvel each step

Looking at the stars, counting sun’s days
The Sun has only days

Oh, I am so happy to be only the Earth

Respect to the time
Time is a great gift
I am ready to create


Do You think I could sell it artwork???

I work on quality of my time
ergo I do not have any master

I experience gladness and disaster
that what I'm doing with my time
is the Quality of my Life

“all women into me”

Enriching my life
it means enriching your life

how? by dancing when nobody is watching
by surprising when nobody is expecting

Enriching my life
it means enriching Life through me

for You I’m woman from the East
for “she” I am woman from the West
for “him” I’m woman from the South
for “her” I am woman from the North

let’s face it
I am a woman
and pain and joy
of all women
are into me

am I waiting like a seed
or I’m waiting like a gardener

A seed knows that right time will come

A gardener knows nothing
he has only hope that right time will come

A seed waits in dark place, surrounded by
soft soil  prepared by the gardener

the gardener’s pray for rain
and the pray of fulfilling gardener’s wishes

vibrating as ONE

“My merriment”

I’m happy when I do work from my heart
with all my best forces and wishes

I’m happy when I can speak all my words,
words of love and words of hope
even if that is hard to hear for someone

I’m happy when people have the courage
to change their path, that makes me happy
even if we all have to pay for that

I’m happy when you’re kissing my neck
when you smile at my naivete
tasting a breakfast, fresh, already made

I’m happy when the sun rises up
when I drink the vibration of morning light

I’m happy when the sun sets
when I could take warm love from your arms

Mostly I’m happy like mostly I’m in love
always if I could jump above the cloudy sky
into the arms of love,
Your arms, perhaps
Your arms as a reflection
of divine love
beautiful bones, beautiful mind


and that event could make me even happier
than my usual level of merriment

Once upon a time
the world was divided
for those who could
provide things
and those who need

the time passes by
and now
few could provide
staff for mass

“I don’t need You as well
as You don’t need me”
we can fulfil
our needs separately
the motto of modern life

I don’t want to use You
however if you are a milliner
I will make use of Your money
I swear, I promise

or if you own a land, better an island
I will build a town
with a harbor, a marketplace
the houses with circle shape windows
the dreamland

I use staff,cloths, thoughts, words, places
I don’t use people
and I avoid these who could abuse me
on my way
I choose be useless
it is not use of me

I long for a man, a whole man
who long for me, ME as I am
“love is blind” was told by someone
and I’m telling You

with closed eyes we don’t judge
with closed eyes
we multiply divinity
which is useless
in the eyes of many

“ evolutionary upgrade”

only a woman
can assist another
woman to become
the woman

only a man can
assist another man
to become
the man

when real women
meet with real men

global warming, climate change
are only contributors
to socio-cultural upgrade


To find the right word
it’s like to find the right sword

at the beginning was Logos
which moved entire Universe

I wonder which word was used
for opening the door of the world

you’ve made me pregnant
a child is yours
You’ve made me pregnant
with the words

you’ve made me pregnant
with the pictures
who said that woman
can not fertilize
another woman was right

SHE is a woman
HE is a man

the child derives
from these TWO

Visible Universe begun
from Number 2

The Child is neither mine
nor yours
The child is US