Monday, 3 June 2013

Once upon a time
the world was divided
for those who could
provide things
and those who need

the time passes by
and now
few could provide
staff for mass

“I don’t need You as well
as You don’t need me”
we can fulfil
our needs separately
the motto of modern life

I don’t want to use You
however if you are a milliner
I will make use of Your money
I swear, I promise

or if you own a land, better an island
I will build a town
with a harbor, a marketplace
the houses with circle shape windows
the dreamland

I use staff,cloths, thoughts, words, places
I don’t use people
and I avoid these who could abuse me
on my way
I choose be useless
it is not use of me

I long for a man, a whole man
who long for me, ME as I am
“love is blind” was told by someone
and I’m telling You

with closed eyes we don’t judge
with closed eyes
we multiply divinity
which is useless
in the eyes of many

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