Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A woman in Love

I love a man, who I do not know
A woman in love, who you don´t know

I need to love you, as flower needs bees,
I need to miss you, like we miss Spring

I need to kiss you as jug needs water
I need to see you, like mother with daughter

Wherever you are I send you my love
be sure, I´m ready for all new, even more...

Evolution of Mankind

Evolution of Mankind

When the Sun love the Earth
flowers bloom
birds sing
people smile

When the Earth love the Sun
stars shine
shadows dance
people dream

When I love you
The Sun smiles
The Earth dreams
People dance

When you love me
fruits ripe
chicks hatch
people sing

When we do love
They are born stars

When we do love
Mankind evolve.