Tuesday, 28 May 2013

“A woman and an Artist”

When people ask
- where are You from?-
- I’m an Artist -

what are You actually doing?
what sort of Art?

I’m painting on white plates
some formed in circle
some in square

Leaves of rouquette, paprika slices,
apricot pieces and smoked fish
Few drops of oil, lemon & love
and that I serve to whom I love

I write the pictures
on computer’s screen
letters between lovers
text messages between dancers

I’m drawing emotions,
cutting thoughts, polishing movements
reading from hieroglyphs and alchemy
modeling scarves on my head
searching for new discoveries
from quantum philosophy
and pre-history

To be an artist
each of us could do

Take BE and DO - give them a space
mix, shake, move, translate
act & wait, dance & play
laugh a lot
and foremost

“how to love her...”

DO! You don’t need my permission
all that risk is yours
of keeping or not keeping your words

(I wonder how HE will do that?)
(I wonder how SHE will respond?)

to wonder is to long for more
vertical more and horizontal more

but if you long for my love, maître
don’t swear to me,

friends or enemies?”

my heart is hungry for more
vertical more
not horizontal more

my mind is hungry for more
for more depth
not length more

I may not be a "Pretty Woman"
but I am a joyful one
if I'm not Julia Roberts
I'm at least a Slovak goodness

I've loved many men
without regret
I've admired many men
I still remember them

"friends should not be lovers"
an anonymous proverb says
so, does only hostility make
for passionate lovers ?  

any true adventure
contains a drop of danger
walk with me to see
whether we are friends or enemies

“I’m mad about you...”

Blå Time on Store Kongensgade 36
is full of magical moments

A gentleman, very elegant one
opened the front door with esteem
and pleasure for both of us

A young man seduced by an iPhone
which clattered suddenly on the floor
-excuse me, Madam, too much energy-
-oh...I’m sorry I only wish to see
a picture behind you-

And moments without YOU

when nobody is opening the door
and no one is dropping
mobiles on the floor

You’ve been there through their eyes
Blå Time cafeteria on
Store Kongnesgade 36
in Copenhagen

“the color of wine...”

My eyes are gray & blue and green & brown
mostly my feelings speak through my eyes

My lips are full, my hair is bright -
and on my face, more and more smile lines

You are too old! You are too young!
Where were you born? Religious issues?

I’m soft and ripe
a perfect description of wine
would You like a glass...DO?

the color of wine
good at beginning
the taste stays

“Lady in Love”

I love a man who I do not know
and what does that mean ?
I’m full of love

is it not easy loving me?
maybe is dangerous loving you?

what does a woman in love do?
she moves mountains
how SHE do it?

the speechless speak, at last
and that is always dangerous
mein  Schatz

“long red dress...”

I'd had two silver dresses
long and short one
never RED, BLACK or BROWN...

I do not have
long red dress
I do have BLUE one


RED is shining
very special
needs a space

BLUE I wear without worry
Baggy clothing at the moment

I am sewing

for myself
........through Your Mind
if You’ll kind....DO?

(I like baggy clothes ergo I don’t wear underclothes -

I like be FREE as a woman should BE

without caring what others may think)

I carry my treasures with me, always

“work is life and life is work”

If Work is Life and if Life is Work
how far would you go to have more?

"Be patient, she said.
He answered, "No worries."

Let's mix our words
with a drop of our feelings.

"Be patient", he said.
"No worries", she answered.