Tuesday, 28 May 2013

“A woman and an Artist”

When people ask
- where are You from?-
- I’m an Artist -

what are You actually doing?
what sort of Art?

I’m painting on white plates
some formed in circle
some in square

Leaves of rouquette, paprika slices,
apricot pieces and smoked fish
Few drops of oil, lemon & love
and that I serve to whom I love

I write the pictures
on computer’s screen
letters between lovers
text messages between dancers

I’m drawing emotions,
cutting thoughts, polishing movements
reading from hieroglyphs and alchemy
modeling scarves on my head
searching for new discoveries
from quantum philosophy
and pre-history

To be an artist
each of us could do

Take BE and DO - give them a space
mix, shake, move, translate
act & wait, dance & play
laugh a lot
and foremost

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