Sunday, 28 July 2013

Vil du danse med mig?

Vil du danse med mig?

Wine has quality which I don’t recognize
until I smell and taste one glass

I can feel the difference between two wines
(no, a name isn’t important, however  
I do not prefer too young a vintage).
Even if they are bottled
in the same place,
a single minute’s delay
will make a big difference.

- SHE set a  condition, it wasn’t a crime (SHE  hopes not) -
(an expectation from HER subconscious mind)
Je suis très désolé, sire

SHE was married twice, almost three times
the last was cultural, linguistic, (black & white)
misunderstanding without consummation
“Be fe” he said in Kasonke language,
(he loves me, she thought)
and that was quite fun (I do make jokes from that time)
ergo on the wedding day
she did not agree to sacrifice a ceremonial cow
marriage was canceled in a proper manner
prayer for Gods, gifts for all village
and what she did after
she “be fe” (own) the garden and “be fe” (love) the cow

(Does this mean she falls in love too easily?)

SHE loves as the Senegal river does her waterfalls
in permanent (constant), infinite FALL
SHE was defeated by various obstacles
(never by LOVE) and tries again,
the best way to find and to be found,

is HE good dancer? could HE be tender,
blue/green tea taste,
                                             aware lover?

who would make washing and feed the dog
when I’m painting, sewing or thinking...
questions are endless....

“I work for BE and wait for DO
and I will follow not “fall” again”

                              Is HE the ONE? Is SHE divine?
they will never know
until they open the front
and close the back door

Vil du danse med mig?

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