Sunday, 28 July 2013

"the places where I was born"

“The places where I was born”

They are the places where I was born
Green hills and valleys on South-East Poland

Krakow and Vienna two couple in love
marriage of the art and sophisticated knowledge

Gdansk and Copenhagen two harbors
with gates to freedom, equality and adventures

Golden City of Asia with emerald’s statue
river Kvai, softens of silk, lotus flower on the water

The Sahara desert, sand, wind, powerful spirit,
the soul of cataracts on the Senegal river, African soil

Should I forget them? to be able to
be blessed by strangers in strange lands ?

They are all those people with whom
I shook hands, exchanged wisdom, courage, energy

Should I forget them too? to be able
to meet new situations, new companions, new friends?

I’m  forgetting all closed doors
all rejection, bitter words... and that I’m doing now

I will never forget all places, people,
action, spaces either from my past nor present life

I’m born and born each day, again
I choose to be like new born child with wild open eyes

For a new born “I” everything is new,
for the first time, becomes a big surprise.....

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