Sunday, 28 July 2013

"The door to one room..."

“The door to ONE room...”  

It’s good for time being that You are there and I’m here
quick caffee in Blå Time.... I must go to my work

I’m lost... I’m talking to myself...or to You?
am I dreaming? is that bad? or is that good?

Words are dangerous for SHE & HE...ergo You said yesterday....
oh....maybe it weren’t You.. maybe spider in my head...

What did You said? What HE really wish to say?
but I feel I should explain a bit, maybe more

Nothing is certain, is not even screen-play yet
they don’t know each other, are they enemies? friends?

Even if they would open the same room one day
and lay arm by arm...nothing is certain, no plans, no scenario

I’ve never intended to “jump” into bed with any man
but things are happens.......joyfully for mankind

oh...wait, I’m lying, I must confess... I did once...
(although I’m frightened to say too much, I’m doing now)

“is time to say good bye, SHE said, but I am to say
I would like to stay with you by the night if you...

You can say yes or no. We still will be friends
ergo our friendship means a lot for us, is out of time”

(they are words which I must to say, they are girls
and boys, women and men, people in need of love and meaning)

“well”he said “yes”, after while of hesitation which
for her was an ocean of uncertainty, near dolour

They did not regret that decision, they enjoyed
Friday's nights for couple of months

SHE accepted with faith that plants will grow
but forgot that garden needs more than one night caring on

fertilizing and watering, sowing and harvesting
respect and admiration, art, music, words and LOVE

The beauty of the garden is into our hands, real work means
everyday work...oh, please a bit of compassion, be soft
one day off

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