Sunday, 28 July 2013

"Orgasmic implosion"

“Orgasmic implosion”

Let’s talk about sex, shell we?
I use to say: sex is for an action, not for conversation

I wish to put a new meaning
for sacred act/art of alive humane beings, new beginning

we have religious and culture approach
some repressive, scornful, inflated, some freely and opened

Nowadays some of us have
sexuality in their heads, mind-sex-act I could say

“intelectual masturbación” too
corrupted imagination, never fulfilled expectation

Yes I know my words could chop an air
sometimes, sorry for that, but there are facts

Sexual matters are very simple, beautiful
but on the other hand ta-bu, disaster, misery, manipulation

Nowadays we have too
body-sex-act, flesh desires and natural functions

and these are also half way solution
guide by the hormones and needs of modern joyful relax

The Spirit who moves mountains
“Big Bang” from the past... what truly was that?

“Cosmic Orgasm” I dare to say
She and He great tension... act... releasing...slowdown

when the Universe slower down
time was born, laws of physic, chemistry, biology, LIFE

such cosmic ecstatic experience
is available for any of us, we are made of cosmic dust

Don’t fight, don’t defend don’t write scenario
don’t imagine unimaginable, discard lusts, discard prejudice

Surrender to your beloved with trust
all shell be well, the spirit of primary infinite Love will act

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