Sunday, 28 July 2013

"my dreams come true..."

“my dreams come true...”

It looks like my dreams are quite simple
very easy to fulfil however I see a trap it is not exactly like that

I prefer open spaces, clean rivers, fresh air
the most difficult things to find nowadays on the earth

when air is polluted somewhere in Beijing
no guarantee for fresh air on the Mediterranean beaches

rivers and oceans are full of garbage from factories
natural sources vanish from the earth with the speed of light

soil is poisoned by fertilizers, chemicals
modified food and other plants: linen and cotton, uranium mines

electromagnetic waves, there is no paradise any more
on our planet, anywhere, I know, I’ve met travelers, I’ve traveled a lot

I don’t dream about love ergo, I understand, I feel
love was, is, it always will be, never gone, a constant number

I dream about joyful, happy people everywhere
doing what they love, using skills, talents to make income, rests

I dream about governments not using force
new social, political, economical, educational systems, resurrection

where the Nature isn't subjugated but respected
each human would have access to a bookcase, an Internet, latitude

I dream about new civilization, sensitive, compassionate
where“the time and the space” is cultivated and managed without pressure

not killing time, not harmful lifestyles, respect for the animals
true knowledge, dignity, I and You various but friends, freedom of choice

not judgement, not prejudice, not repressive morality
freedom of imagination and realization, free energy, free creativity

we are all born innocent, genes don’t control our lives
that’s why we have so much crime, misery, injustice, depression, obsessions

how to solve unsolved problems without confusing the matters
employ ethic? the art of thinking? instinctive logic ? intuitive wisdom?

and find  the answers as well as techniques of realization
and see your smile between others smiling faces
and listen to Your guitar when no one is around
be sure that You are watching over my sleep
and charm away the spells...

those are my dreams from the top of my list
but I’m a simple woman from the South-East

as long I’m alive, hope dwells in my veins
my dreams came true...

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