Sunday, 28 July 2013

"love as a representation of Cosmological Constant"

“Love as representation of Cosmological Constant”

Her love doesn't “think” what SHE would achieve
Her love considers what SHE could give

To give, one has to have more than enough for one
What I could give You out of magical turban?

Her love sees by eyes from heart of her mind
speaks from the non-manipulative mind of her heart

The beginnings last only for a moment, the ends
forge scars forever via self-pity and vanity

When love is knocking at our doors (powerful sound)
memories of the wounds paralyze us, hold off...

I intended to discover the golden mean
something between the beginning and the end

However if there is no one, I will create
with You... through You... for them and for us

If Love is   π
or divine  φ

look at the number
if You please

π has no limits
φ has no borders

by each addition
they change condition

they always extend
to insecure infinity

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