Sunday, 28 July 2013

"for daughter"

“for daughter”

I love my child,
I love my daughter
She owns me nothing
She came on this world
through me, it was her choice

I don’t expect either
love nor respect in revenge
I chose to be mother
I own her nothing
through her, it was my choice

Motherhood is like
childhood has beginning
and the end
what stays after?
moments of joy
and moments of pain

We are now blessed
by freedom of choice
we are true friends
love dancing in our hearts
with understanding

I give her a free hand
to discover the world
make her own mistakes
followed her dreams
choosing friends

She gives me freedom
to be myself do what I wish
without a shame
of lost paradise
not pick upping phones

I’m gifted by her
she is gifted by me
honest words
honest love

daughter become a mother
one day.... perhaps
mother will stay always
with her child
even after

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