Sunday, 28 July 2013

"don't keep my words"

“Don’t keep my words”

I’ve canceled my work for today
I’m unwell, I will not forced myself
to give smile when I feel I wish to cry

“Always keep your word it doesn't matter
how it will cost you, keeping promises
shows your character” my father’s words

And I said:”I will be with you until death”
and I’ve broken my words, I am guilty
I’m weak, I deserve for punishment

I can not promise You anything
You or anybody else, don’t keep my words
they are useful, I’m weak, I’m like everyone

Do I have rights to tell You
about my weakness, gray moods
moments when I wish to scream or cry?

I feel I must tell You ergo I am honest.
You could experience with me orgasmic ecstasy
in the moment of laughing, dancing, playing, eating

and You could experience with me
thunderstorms, broken vases on the wall
a closed door, a deaf phone, an empty room

ecstasy longs for a moment and
lightning blinks  for a moment.. well,  how long is
  a moment then? from a second to infinity...

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