Sunday, 28 July 2013

..."and that is a point"

and that is a point, from my backyard
I can’t be fully happy surrounded by unhappy people
sooner or later I will become the same or “madman”
I can’t enjoy fully life surrender by disasters
I can say: what I could do, hundreds of men tried in the past
to changed systems, when faced with injustice, intolerance

In 1979 I saw as my father with leaflets in one hand
and wooden stick in the other was preparing  for “evening walk”
“where are you going” I asked, “my child you will not understand now
but I must act for your future, although we don’t believe
that Communism will vanish and we will be free
we have to try, perhaps one day you would travel where you wish”
I did not understand at that moment
I only trusted that he would be back

Thanks, Daddy, I’ve traveled a lot!
Albeit you forgot about your gift for me
and wishes to see me often by your site
You were right to try and to act!
What kind of daughter would I  be
if I would not follow your footsteps?

I tried and I will try
even if nobody will believe...

I’ve never heard from You: I love You
as You never heard from me: I love You
although I said : I love a man
and I said: If I tell You that I love You

Love is a way covered by  flowers and rocks
but still Love is the best way to BE and to DO

BUT I must to say, I am not going
to take my words to any grave

I love You as a mother love a child
I feel I have right to say like that
a Mother in Love must be strong
to be able to say in right time
no, no my son, this and that
is not allowed

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