Sunday, 28 July 2013

"a martial art"

“a martial art”

How many vases did Hamada destroyed
before one could say: thank you master
for my pleasure to enjoying one masterpiece

How many diamonds were broken before
one brilliant ring assured a woman in love
that She is the one, right and now, chosen

to give is to receive in the same moment
I give and I get empty space and happiness
only if the gift is welcome, need it, wanted

How one would know what I need
and what I welcome? I must speak about
my wishes, preference, present conditions

How I to discover what I could give
to people around me, to friends, to strangers
to beloved, how to figure out what they long for

Listen and provoke them invite to unknown field
with patience love and understanding, encourage
them, wait without anxiety for opening of the door

I am grateful for each strong word
from a stranger, a friend, a lover, they always
helped me to grow, to know what I need, long for

I won a few battles, and from that time
I know that the darkest part of the night is always
before the dawn, “give out but don’t give up ” as You said

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