Sunday, 28 July 2013

"A day off"

“A day off...”

I’m tired... last night was full of doubts and reflections
but why should I doubt, nothing happened, no one was harm
we  still create our “carte blanche”

Maggy told me about her last nightmare
I was there, I’ve had three months of life as a doctor said
what it that means she asked with tears in her eyes

A man thousands of miles away from now
who can’t hold me when I need it in order to survive
a storm, chaos, earthquakes, diseases, nightmares from the child

That was nothing, Maggy, my love, no worries,
death is only a gate to new adventure, opens a door  to unknown
not all dreams are prophecies (however mine, sometimes are)

but it wasn't my dream...You’ve made
me laugh with your unexpected call, that’s nice, very kind
how we will survive a storm, when I long for more...

words are beautiful that’s right
I enjoy, I I need too much, am I too greedy
I lay my head on your arm... feel the warmth of your body

I said I love you... I need you... before
I even known that He exist. You sent me your words
in return... a great gift and letter which didn’t reach me (a mistake)

He is sending me kisses through
computer screen...I’ve seen a warm, generous gesture
so, why is She so confused....She feels movement of the earth

Unconditional love exist I know...I love
What kind of dreams has Woman in Love... what She desires
from life? A strong arm, open mind, beautiful words, a breakfast

The work is not finish yet, I wish to work
on golden mean, the beginning without beginning and the end
without the end, let’s make a fire become a light...(a wish and an order)

I don’t wish to either harm nor burn either
you nor me... She wish to experience love by any senses
good to be friends in love...such a beginning without beginning!

Shall friend?

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